Terms & Conditions

Elite Door & Hardware Inc Standard terms and conditions will constitute part of the Contract/Purchase order.

– All Quotes are Valid for 90 days from date of issue.

– Approved shop drawings will supersede any and all other specifications. Failure to not properly review shop drawings by the Owner, Architect and Contractor for all necessary details noted in them will not be the responsibility of Elite Door and Hardware Inc. The responsibility will be solely to the Owner, Architect and Contractor.

– Any stamped approved or reviewed shop drawing represents that the Owner, Architect and Contractor have acknowledged and approved what they will be receiving with regards to the approved Contract. Furtherance to this, Elite Door and Hardware Inc. will not bear any further responsibility as to what is requested on the signed contract.

– Elite Door & Hardware Inc quote including all notes on it will form part of the Contract/ PO / Agreement.

– Any hardware preps other than hardware listed at time of tender , will be additional to the contract if no detailed Hardware Schedule was present at the time of tender all preps other than RP and 161 would be extra . Any additional costs to be approved prior to manufacturing of doors or frames.

– Approved Hardware Schedule required prior to any manufacturing of hollow metal or wood products.

– Delivery dates to be advised in writing in order to achieve delivery according to standard manufacturers lead times (Lead Times could take up to 6- 8 weeks depending on project). Rush delivery requests could be accommodated at an additional cost.

– Any technical information, assistance or repair provided to contractors installer(s) from Elite Door & Hardware inc due to installers lack of knowledge or poor quality workmanship will be additional and will be billed at Elite Door & Hardware standard rates at the time of service.

– Any Request for Information (RFI) is to be responded to in a reasonable time. Elite Door & Hardware Inc. will not be responsible for delays in delivery due to late responses to RFI.

– All site measurements will be site verified by the contractor prior to manufacturing.

– Delivery is FOB Job Site Curbside. All products delivered to site are to be signed for by an Authorized Contractor Representative. General Contractor to review all items delivered to site for damage and/or missing material. Any/all missing or damaged items must be notified in writing to Elite Door Hardware Inc. within five business days of delivery. Any/all missing or damaged items not notified within the five business days will be the responsibility of the contractor.

– Supply only projects are not subject to ANY holds back of any kind whether by the contractor or the consultant and the contractor is responsible to pay invoice in full within 60 days from date of invoice. Nor is Elite Door & Hardware Inc required to provide Form 1000, WISB on supply only projects. .

– No changes will proceed without formal approval form by form of a change notice from the consultant and a revised PO form the contractor. Change Directives will not proceed prior to price being agreed to by consultant and a revised Po is provided by the Contractor. Verbal or Written approval will not proceed prior to formal change notice from the consultant and a revised PO from the contractor. Email will only be accepted for clarification purpose only.